Ultra TMT Fe 550

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Best TMT Steel Bars in Hyderabad

ULTRA TMT Fe 550, the best TMT steel bars in Hyderabad are popular for their unmatched strength and flexibility.

Manufactured using German TURBO TMT Quenching and Tempering Process, ULTRA TMT Fe 550 bars have a soft-hard (ferrite-pearlite) core, and an outer hard martensitic structure giving them enormous strength to withstand huge load and stress.

They have superior BENDABILITY and WELDABILITY making structures stronger and resistant to EARTHQUAKES. What's more, they are FIRE-RESISTANT and CORROSION-RESISTANT too, making them the ultimate choice for Engineers & Builders, and the best TMT steel bars in Hyderabad.

Today’s TMT Steel Bars Prices

Ultra TMT offers top quality TMT FE550 steel bars at affordable pricing. Contact us for today’s TMT steel bars prices. Be prepared for fluctuating market prices of steel bars. Ultra TMT offers best today’s TMT steel bars prices.
  • A PROVEN BRAND since 1997 in both Project and Retail Market.
  • A PROVEN BRAND since 1997 in both Project and Retail Market.
  • Ultra TMT supplies with Material Test Certificate, tested in our state of the art Laboratory.
  • Ultra TMT provide Premium Quality at affordable Price.
  • Ultra TMT offer “Test Then Trust” policy.
  • Ultra TMT provide Quantity with Quality.
  • Ultra TMT provide all sizes 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 28, and 32 mm in ready stock (IS 1786-2008)
  • Ultra TMT provide Customize length, on customers demand for wastage control.
  • Also supplies MS Square, MS Flat and MS Rounds Bars (IS 2062 Grade A)
  • Ultra TMT Provide structures safety through Optimum Strength & Greater Elongation
  • Precise weight and gauge control system provide cost effectiveness in Ultra TMT.
  • Uniform Weight and Shape throughout the length from Standard to Minimum according to BIS.
  • Fire resistant, with the ability to withstand high Temperatures
  • Better bonding strength external ribs across the entire length ensure superior bonding with concrete.
  • High fatigue resistance and more Tensile Strength due to perfect Martensitic structure formation
  • Earthquake resistant: Flexibility & Elongation due to perfect ring of soft- hard core (ferrite- pearlite core) in Ultra TMT.
  • Weldability in Ultra TMT come from perfect operation temperature, C & low alloy element.
  • Fine Grain Structure & Uniform chemical composition due to standard Metallurgical process applies in ladle refining.
  • Bendability because of Higher percentage of Elongation

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Properties of ULTRA TMT Bars

(Min. Mpa)
(Min. Mpa)
(Min %)
Fe 500 500 525 545 600 12.0 18
Fe 550 550 575 585 650 10.0 15

Weight of ULTRA TMT Fe 550 Bars

Specific (as per BIS) ULTRA TMT Fe 550 Range
Size (mm) Kg/mtr. Tolerance (Kg/mtr.)
(min) (max)
8 0.395 0.367 to 0.423
10 0.617 0.574 to 0.659
12 0.888 0.844 to 0.932
16 1.579 1.500 to 1.658
20 2.467 2.400 to 2.541
25 3.856 3.740 to 3.971
28 4.837 4.692 to 4.982
32 6.310 6.120 to 6.499

Chemical Properties of ULTRA TMT Fe 550 Bars

Chemistry IS: 1786
% max
ULTRA TMT Bars Fe 550
% max
Carbon 0.30 0.25
Sulphur 0.055 0.050
Phosphorus 0.050 0.050
S&P 0.100 0.100
Carbon (CE) equivalent 0.42 0.35