MS Billets


Best MS Billets Manufacturer in Hyderabad

MS Billets are semi-finished round or square cross-sectioned metal lengths used for rolling into bars,
rods or sections. It is a casting product produced during the making of steel bars
which is further processed into finished good by giving it a shape.

They are extensively used in construction of buildings and are the backbone of structural design.  

We at Ultra TMT, the best MS Billets manufacturer in Hyderabad, produce superior quality billets,
which result in superior quality metal bars with a high satisfaction rate. They are manufactured
through the CCM in our state-of-the-art casting and rolling unit located in Hyderabad
with excellent testing and process control capabilities.

Ultra TMT Bars, the ultimate choice of renowned brands! Quality and commitment for guaranteed
sustainability, from the best MS Billets manufacturer in Hyderabad.

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